When it comes to making sales, there are only 3 types of traffic you need to think about:

  1. Cold
  2. Warm
  3. Hot

1. Cold Traffic

A ‘cold’ traffic stream is (obviously) the hardest group of people to sell to. They are simply not interested. So to sell to them you need a trigger so strong it will grab their attention immediately.

That’s what News Media is all about. It’s why most of the news is about PAIN, SUFFERING and ANGER. And it’s why you’ll never sell a tin of baked beans to a COLD audience.

BUT it can be done. That’s one-third of the reason ProCopyClub exists – to show you, step by step, how to do it (but not beans obviously – we’ll leave that to Heinz).

2. Warm Traffic

Warm traffic, on the other hand, IS interested. They’ve already been ‘hooked’ in some way. That might be through education (seeing yours or other people’s content or ads), or they may have had an interest in it for years.

Warm traffic is easy to sell to. They just need to be convinced that YOUR product or solution is the ONLY answer, and they need it NOW.

3. Hot Traffic

Hot traffic is already sold. Just stick a buy button under their nose and a good reason to buy it RIGHT NOW.


ProCopyClub is a training and mentoring program that takes beginner copywriters (or business owners who want to improve their sales writing skills) from ineffective to HIGHLY EFFECTIVE.

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Copywriting is a skill for life, and it will change the way you look at selling forever. People only buy when the level of trust is maximised (and that includes the guarantee – even the strongest guarantee will fail if there’s no trust).

About Your Mentor

My name is Quentin Pain. I’m a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (chartered means it has Royal ascent in the UK – and that means it’s an officially recognised body – which also means members HAVE to follow a strict code of conduct or risk being thrown in the Tower of London – just joking on that last part, but the code is strict – and rightly so).

I’ve started 6 businesses during my 40 years messing around in them. The first was QPL Express Couriers which was subsequently sold to Securicor (the largest security delivery company in the UK at the time).

My last was Accountz, which I took from zero to 36,000 paying customers between 2002 and 2013. At one point we were the second highest sellers of accounting software in the UK just behind the FTSE 100 company Sage (capitalised at £3.2 billion.

My current company is ProofMEDIA. I help businesses create sales funnels with proof of every conversion using state of the art statistical recording software, and of course, AWESOME copywriting.

Which is why I decided to reveal ALL my secrets to those who are still struggling with what is arguably THE MOST IMPORTANT business skill in the world. COPYWRITING.

If you can persuade someone to go from UNINTERESTED to RAVING FAN, you will never have a problem making money (or winning friends).

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